Buckeye Arizona Horse Property

Buckeye Arizona Horse Property For Sale

Buckeye Arizona lies south west of Phoenix and was founded in 1888. Buckeye obtained its name from Malin Jackson who was originally from Ohio, known as “The Buckeye State”. The founding and development of Buckeye Valley was first stimulated by the construction of the Buckeye Canal around 1884 to provide local farmers with a means to supply water for their crops and livestock. The Canal was completed in 1886 and Buckeye was officially incorporated in 1926 consisting of 440 acres of land.

Today Buckeye is home to 100,000 people living in master planned communities and over the last 20 years has grown significantly. Being in one of the four closest sectors of Phoenix, Buckeye is nearing a “built out” status in compliance with city codes which prevent over building in the area. Buckeye is bordered by 5 highways making it accessible from every direction and still makes use of its railroad line that was built in the late 1800’s. Mixed with the desert homes are businesses including retail, entertainment and education services supporting its community.

Eighty Five years ago Buckeye’s Chamber of Commerce began a custom named ‘Helzapoppin Days” a local celebration that featured a parade and street dancing along with a PRCA Rodeo and Carnival. The event was established to collect money for local churches which distribute the money to help the needy and fund scholarships and continues to this day. Browse our free MLS searches to help you find residential homes for sale in Buckeye Arizona.

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