Property Search Tips and Tricks

When you click on a search, it is set to present you with available listings in a list format.  I have done standard searches based on city and price, you may edit the search to specify characteristics of specific interest to you.  The more items you specify, the fewer listings you will have to choose from.

The “Detail” tab brings you to the listing data for the selected property.  From the detail page, you can further select “tax info” which will allow you to see the assessed valuation, the size of the house and lot per the assessor, a history of property sales, current taxes and more.

A mortgage calculator is present under the details tab, you can see what the mortgage payments (without taxes and insurance) would be with different down payments for different terms and interest rates.

If you click on the Map tab, you can see where the property is, in relation to the entire valley.  There is a pull-down menu on the top left, “Actions for selected listing” , You may choose “zoom to listing”  click that once or twice, then select “birdseye”  from the same menu.  This will enable you to see the layout of the property, clicking on the rotational arrows will allow you to see an oblique aerial view of the house from all sides.

At the bottom of the map page, there are additional tools, one of interest is the “nosy neighbor” icon, a blue circle with the letter i inside.  Click on this and then on the property to see the dimensions of the lot and listing info.  You may also get similar information about surrounding properties.

If you “lose” your property of interest on the map page, “zoom to listing” will restore it in your view screen. Of course the “photos” tab is self-explanatory, don’t forget to look on that page for a link to video or virtual tours done by some listing agents.  Often there are few or even no photos, it it is a listing you are very interested in, contact me , I can often arrange additional photos for you.

Under “compare” you can find useful info to assist you in determining value.  This works better in a normal market than at present but you may find it helpful. If you are interested in a particular area, scroll to the very bottom of the list page, properties with some sort of contingency are listed there and one may be perfect for you.  They are labeled AWC (active with contingencies).  AWC -C indicates the property is under contract, further contracts accepted will be in back-up  status and only considered if the initial contract falls through.  AWC-I means there are seller instructions and usually means there is an existing contract with a verbal acceptance, awaiting lender signatures or other contingencies.  Backup contracts may or may not be accepted.

These listings are current, as this is the “official” ARMLS database, the same one used by Realtors in the Phoenix area.  Updates occur as new listings are posted or as status changes occur.  I am often asked about listings a client saw elsewhere on the web, not present on this site.  That can only happen if the other listing is not part of the multiple listing service or if the property is off the market.  Hundreds of listings are still on some sites, weeks and months after they are sold or otherwise off the market.  I can promise these are the most current available, I can’t speak for other sites.

If you have any questions, ask away, we will be happy to assist you (no strings attached, ever!).


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